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At Blackpool CDS we only had Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy entered where breed judge Gary Hooker was appointed. He duly awarded him first in Junior Dog and the RCC. He then won the Best Junior in Breed award. Leading Hound specialist, Graham Hill, judged the Junior Working Group and Guy went and topped the lot from 18 exhibits. Down to the last seven where Liz Stannard was appointed. Guy put in a sterling performance, enhanced by his super ringside support, and duly got the nod for BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW. BEST IN SHOW judge Liz Stannard's critique - BEST JUNIOR Selmalda Jealous Guy, good size and shape, muscular but no sign of coarseness. Well carried strong head. Very well muscled rear with plenty of drive, covered the ground well with that springy movement the breed have even though they are such a large dog. Very promising.

NEW CHAMPION Selmalda Oh Lori


NEW CHAMPION Selmalda Oh Lori 3 CC 2 BIS. DOB 10/04/20 (Jr. Cr. Ch. Am. Ch. King Arthur De Casaarabal X Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W.). What a two weeks it has been for Lesley with Lori! Lori went BIS at The Great Dane Club under Joanne Walton and the next day at Paignton won her second CC under Marion Sargent. Exactly two weeks after winning her first CC she won her third and qualifying CC at the Northern GDC where Jim Sneddon officiated. On all three occasions she has done the double with either her brother Guy or half brother Rico. What a year 2021 is turning out to be. Judge Angie Challengers critique - Open 1st Chappells Ch. Selmalda Ricochet, just under 3 years, what an amazing Dam from this breeder, she has produced so much quality in her offspring. This boy was super, his lovely long head of correct width and balance, carried by a perfectly arched neck which ran into excellent shoulder layback and something so lacking these days a good length and layback of upper arm, correct depth and spring of rib, strong loin and balanced angulation of the rear, all coming together in his flowing powerful movement. Delighted to award him the DCC and RBIS. An addition here was for the BIS decision, gee, same mother as my dog and I fell for her straight away, loved her. Judge Jim Sneddon's critique - Junior Bitch, 1st and CC Lesley Chappells Selmalda Oh Lori , well put together bitch with nicely chiseled head, dark eyes, good ear carriage. Nice angles all round with well muscled rear, level topline on the move and moved out well.

Northern Great Dane Club


The Northern had a back to back with Blackpool and had two breed judges appointed. Angela Challenger judged the males and awarded Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy first in Junior Dog and Ch. Selmalda Ricochet first in Open Dog. In the dog challenge Rico was awarded his 4th CC. Jim Sneddon looked over the bitches and Selmalda Oh Lori topped her Junior class. Lori never fails to disappoint and in the challenge was awarded her third and qualifying CC for her Champion title.Both judges agreed that Lori was BIS, her second award in as many weeks, and Rico was RBIS and BOS.

Paignton DFA - doing the double!


All the way down to Paignton where Marion Sargent was officiating for the first time. Another super set of results with Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy winning Junior and eventually the CC and BOB. Ch. Selmalda Ricochet topped Open. In bitches, fresh from her first CC the day before, Selmalda Oh Lori won Junior and was later awarded her second CC whilst Ch. Selmalda Liza Jane was third in Open. Into the Working Group, where Ernie Paterson was officiating, and it was a respectable WORKING Group 3 amongst strong competition for our young Brindle Guy. Needless to say we floated home on cloud nine.

The Great Dane Club Championship Show


What a day at the parent Club's Championship Show. Selmalda Oh Lori won her Junior class under Joanne Walton and later was awarded the Challenge Certificate, her first. Ch. Selmalda Liza Jane was third in Open Bitch. Ric Beall judged the males and awarded Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy top honours in his Junior class and not to be outdone Ch. Selmalda Ricochet won Open. In the challenge Ric awarded Guy the CC and Rico the RCC - it doesn't get any better than that. Both judges agreed on all joint decisions and Selmalda Oh Lori was declared BEST IN SHOW with Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy winning RESERVE BEST IN SHOW and BEST OPPOSITE SEX. Judge Joanne Walton’s critique - Junior Bitch 1st Chappell’s Selmalda Oh Lori, 16 month old, what a bitch! She oozed quality from head to toe. Alert expression and beautiful head planes, darkest of eye, correct mouth, strong jaw. Well arched neck into laid back shoulders, sloped back with elbows tucked under her body. In perfect condition - moved so sound, covering the ground with drive and carrying her head high. I was extremely pleased to award Adam & Lesley Chappell the CC with their Fawn bitch, she by far stood out from the crowd and made sure she didn’t go unnoticed throughout her whole time in the ring. She is the pinnacle of how a Great Dane bitch of her age should look and perform and is an example to many others - I would have gladly taken her home! Judge Ric Beall's critique - Junior Dog (4 1) 1. Chappell's Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI). Stylish brindle dog of 16 months who commanded attention. With his excellent length of leg and corresponding short back he was of excellent balance and stood foursquare. Whilst he has elegance, his good size, strength of bone and substance ensured there was no compromise to his masculinity. In profile he has a lovely head shape, good skull to muzzle ratio, correct stop, strength of jaw and square drop of lip. Front on muzzle is of good width but I would have preferred more chiselling to face. Pleasing length of neck into a well developed front and correct shoulder placement. Textbook topline and underline with belly well drawn up. He could have perhaps been a touch stronger in croup but in mitigation he has well developed thighs providing a turn of stifle. It was on the move that he really came into his own with terrific, lithe, ground covering stride, his back level and head held high. In the challenge, despite still having some maturing to do, he out moved all other contenders, pulling out all the stops to take the Dog CC, Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.

NEW CHAMPION Selmalda Jealous Guy


NEW CHAMPION Selmalda Jealous Guy 3 CC 2 BOB 1 RCC DOB 10/04/20 (Jr. Cr. Ch. Am. Ch. King Arthur De Casaarabal X Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W.). What a two weeks it has been for Lesley and I - 3 new Champions! Guy won back 2 back CCs on the same day yesterday at Bath CS and the South Western GDC and achieves his title. Our first home bred Brindle male! Sincere thanks to Jeff Horswell, Andrea Lowood-Price and Rosemary Lord for his 3CCs. Thanks to Maxine for the photo.

Bath CS - Andrea Lowood-Price


A super day at Bath CS where Selmalda Jealous Guy and Ch. Selmalda Ricochet won their respective Junior and Open classes. In the Challenge Guy was awarded his second CC with Rico collecting the RCC. In bitches Selmalda Oh Lori was 2nd in Junior and Ch. Selmalda Liza Jane was 2nd in Open behind the eventual CC winner (a daughter of Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W.). Fair to say our judge appreciated the type. Caroline Friend-Rees judged the Working Group and at a tender 15 months of age Guy was awarded WORKING GROUP 2 - we floated home. Judge Andrea Lowood-Prices critique - Junior Dog Chappell’s Selmalda Jealous Guy. 15 month old Brindle, good head in proportion, dark eye, good ear carriage, good reach of neck into correct lay of shoulder, tuck up and top line, good depth of chest, well angulated, moved and handled well, pleased to award him DCC, BOB. Looked well in the Group. Judge Caroline Rees Amical’s Group critique- Group 2 – The Great Dane, Selmalda Jealous Guy(AI) owned by Ms & Mr L Chappell, Could not deny this young 15 month old male group 2. Well muscled and perfectly angulated to enable him to cover the ground well with free easy strides and driving from the rear. Deep brisket down to elbow and strong topline . Masculine yet still the required elegance and grace.

South Western GDC - Rosemary Lord


Another successful show! Selmalda Jealous Guy won his Junior class whilst Ch. Selmalda Ricochet was 2nd in Open. In the challenge Guy was awarded his 3rd and crowning CC. Selmalda Oh Lori was 2nd in Junior, and was called into the line up to challenge for the RCC, and Ch. Selmalda Liza Jane topped the Open class. Guy was awarded Reserve BEST IN SHOW and BOS. Thanks to Maxine for capturing the moment. Judge Rosemary Lord’s critique - Junior (3,1). Chappell’s Selmalda Jealous Guy, 16 month old Brindle that caught my eye with excellent make of shape. Nice head planes, good reach of neck, good reach of neck, good lay of shoulder, strong hindquarters. Moved with drive and spring, certainly one to watch in the future. Fell in love with this super Brindle boy, although young, has everything going for him. Delighted to be told after judging this was his 3rd CC. Also went on to win 2nd in the Working Group for Bath’s Dane judge. Congratulations.

WOW WOW WOW - Leeds Championship Dog Show


Lesley and I still cannot believe what has happened today! Double CCs and two new CHAMPIONS (subject to KC approval)! Our 18th and 19th bred UK Selmalda Champions! Ch. Selmalda Ricochet DOB 03/09/18 (Am. Ch. Rojons Legendary Kiss Kiss V Svevo x Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W.) Ch. Selmalda Liza Jane DOB 03/09/18 (Am. Ch. Rojons Legendary Kiss Kiss V Svevo x Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W.) Sincere thanks to judge Stuart Payne for thinking so highly of them both. Rico put in a special performance in the Group under Rodney Oldham and was shortlisted to the final 8! Thank you to everyone for their kind words today and well done all the other winners. Judge Stuart Payne’s critique - Open 1st Chappell’s Selmalda Ricochet. Excellent head proportions, well placed ears, dark expressive eye, balanced foreface and clean profile. Excellent neck carriage, clean outline. Well bodied with correct bone and feet. In hard condition, super movement and carrying himself so well at all times. Delighted to award him the CC which I later discovered made him up. BOB. Judge Stuart Payne’s critique - Open 1st Chappell’s Selmalda Liza Jane. Oozes style, super feminine head, excellent proportions and melting expression. Tight lips and super head profile. Super neck carriage, outline, bone and body. Tight feet, level topline. Effortless movement, carrying herself well at all times. Litter sister to my BOB and delighted to award the crowning CC on the day, just like her brother.

NEW CHAMPION Selmalda Ricochet


NEW Ch. Selmalda Ricochet 3CC 2BOB (subject to KC confirmation) DOB 03/09/18 (Am. Ch. Rojons Legendary Kiss Kiss V Svevo X Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W.) Lesley and I are delighted with Rico's progress and would like to pass on our sincere appreciation to all who have appreciated him, especially Alaine Flower, Ken Humphries and Stuart Payne who awarded him his CCs. Also, to Ray Cataldi, Pam Allee Tozzi and Lindy Geisler who all made this possible and have supported throughout.

NEW CHAMPION Selmlada Liza Jane


NEW Ch. Selmalda Liza Jane 3CC 1BOB (subject to KC confirmation) DOB 03/09/18 (Am. Ch. Rojons Legendary Kiss Kiss V Svevo X Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W.) Lesley and I are delighted with Lizas progress and would like to pass on our sincere appreciation to all who have appreciated her, especially Alaine Flower, Tom Johnstone and Stuart Payne who awarded her CCs. Also, to Ray Cataldi, Pam Allee Tozzi and Lindy Geisler who all made this possible and have supported throughout.

MWEGDC Championship Show


At the Midland and West of England Great Dane Club's Championship we had two breed judges officiating. Gillian Rose, who had an entry of 28 Danes giving 31 entries and awarded Selmalda Jealous Guy 1st in his Junior Dog class and eventually the RCC. In Open Dog Selmalda Ricochet was awarded 2nd and we think you will agree he has matured wonderfully. In Bitches Elaine Hyde had attracted an entry of 45 giving 48 entries and presented Selmalda Liza Jane with 2nd in Open.

BANG - Guy takes BOB at East of England


At the East of England Show breed specialist and leading all rounder Jeff Horswell had secured an entry of 61 Danes giving 68 entries. Our own Selmalda Jealous Guy, at his second show, topped the Junior Dog class before being awarded the Challenge Certificate and later Best Of Breed. What a fantastic accolade for a 14 month old male. Selmalda Ricochet was 4th in Open Dog whilst his litter sister S. Liza Jane was 3rd in Open Bitch. Judge Jeff Horswells critique - 1st Junior Dog - SELMALDA JEALOUS GUY (AI) (MS L & MR A Chappell) Really super brindle, it was a joy to see such a wonderful Dane. Lovely type and outline. Long head of correct width, plenty of work in it. Super neck. Well filled, deep chest. Well ribbed. Enough hind angulation and super muscle. Low hocks. Accurate mover and has a long and easy stride, with that springy action. Real quality dog, he is still slightly raw, which is a good thing, but fell for him, consider him easily one of the best I have judged in the UK. CC & BOB.

EEGDC Championship Show


With Lori missing from the show as she is in season and no males entered it was left to Selmalda Liza Jane to represent the kennel at the EEGDC. Samantha Dolby was appointed and had an entry of 44 Bitches giving 55 entries. Liza topped an excellent Open class before being awarded the RCC, her fourth to go along with her 2 CC's. Delighted with her performance, LJ can move.

East of England - Guys first Group


Following his BOB award from Jeff Horswell Selmalda Jealous Guy competed in a very strong Working Group. Tim Ball was appointed to judge for the first time at this level and we were delighted with how well Guy coped with the pressure and atmosphere within the big ring, such a challenge for a youngster. We are super proud of him.

The Shows must go on...


After 15 months of COVID19 lockdown Southern Counties hosted the return to the show ring where Sue Searle was overseeing an entry of 64 Danes making 80 entries. We had our two lockdown youngsters entered were delighted with how they took to the whole experience. Selmalda Jealous Guy won his Junior Dog class whilst litter sister Selmalda Oh Lori was 4th in her respective Junior class. It was good to be back and enjoyed seeing everyone again.

Less than a week to go...


With less than a week to go ZiZi takes in a little afternoon sunshine. She is very much taking life at her own pace. We are so looking forward to the imminent arrival of this Fawn and Brindle litter sired by Am. Ch. King Arthur Of Casaarabal, Brindle. Please check back later for further updates.

Top 20 Breeders & Owners - Latest Standings


Following what had to be considered a wonderful 2019 for the Selmalda Team we were delighted to read the news about the latest standings in the Top 20 Breeders and Owners league. The results date back to January ,1900 and we have moved up two places to 7th in the Top Breeders league having won 102 CCs with 23 Danes. In addition, in the Top Owners league, we are currently 9th having owned 15 Danes who have won 83 CCs. Naturally we are delighted with what our Great Danes have achieved and look forward to the year ahead.



On Saturday 1st we were invited to compete at the Eukanuba Pup Of The Year Final at Chesford Grange in Warwick. Following Liza Janes qualification at WKC last August she was 1 of 20 qualifying puppies on the day - the future of British dogdom is looking very bright. The judge on the day, a closely guarded secret until all the exhibitors were in the ring, was Paul Eardley. LJ put in an amazing performance and we extremely proud of how she managed with all that was happening within the arena. Thank you to everyone who passed on their positive comments and a special thanks to all at Eukanuba for looking after us all so well.

Our Dogs Back Page News...


Further to Liza-Janes success at Manchester we wanted to shout out loud about how proud we are of her and litter brother Rico. We feel this advertisement does just that and were delighted to be able to secure the back cover of Our Dogs. Hope you like it!