Selmalda News

Blackpool & District Canine Society


Lesley & I enjoyed a super set of results with our team at Blackpool & District CS. Thanks to first time judge Rui Oliveira (Portugal) for appreciating them. Selmalda Ricochet - 1st Puppy Dog. Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda - 1st Yearling Dog. Breeder Anitta Kilpeläinen. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 1st Open Dog. Co-owned with Jacqui Williams. Selmalda Liza Jane - 1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Bitch. As always Retee enjoyed the limelight and thanks to Gary for capturing his podium photo. Well done to the other winners on the day.

Happy 5th Birthday to the Higgin's x Ola kids!


Lesley & I wish a belated Happy 5th Birthday to the Higgins x Ola kids. Int. & Fin. Swe. Nor. MVA Ch. Diplomatics Val Kilmer x Ch. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby J.W. Ch. Selmalda ZiZis Journey J.W. (Purple) Ch. Selmalda Journey To Melody At Samdice (Yellow) Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. (Red) Selmalda Journey To The Line (Blue) And now their own kids are impressing in the show ring!



The Royal Cheshire County Premier 2 Day Show Total 1619 All Breeds Entered. Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda - 1st Open & Best of Breed (Howard Ogden) - Working Group 1 and ultimately BEST IN SHOW (Tony Allcock). Sincere thanks to both judges for recognising Retees qualities, Lesley & I are very proud of him. Thanks to all for the lovely comments. Breeder - Anitta Kilpeläinen (Hoppinghams, Finland). Group & BIS judge Tony Allcocks critique - Great Dane Chappells Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda, the moment he entered the ring this young, courageous, masculine Harlequin demonstrated such a regal appearance. He possesses the three main attributes of dignity, strength and elegance. He portrays great majesty. Came through from an amazing Working Group and was even better in the Best In Show ring. He clearly will make his mark in future. Breed judge Howard Ogden wrote, Chappells Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda, 22 month old Harlequin dog who epitomizes Dash and Daring. Whole head appeared of equal breadth, clean cheek, excellent muzzle. Arch to long neck. Well angulated fore and aft. Excellent rib and depth. Torn patches on white underground. Took it up a notch when he moved with tremendous drive and muscular power yet grace of form. BOB and cheered him on to BIS.

Border Union AS


A super day at Border Union AS for Lesley & I and our Selmalda Danes. Lovely sized ring, outside and great company. Thanks to Keith Nathan for appreciating our Danes. Selmalda Ricochet - 1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy Dog. Hoppingham’s Changes Selmalda - 2nd Limit Dog Breeder Anitta Kilpeläinen. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Dog & RCC co-owned with Jacqui. Selmalda Liza Jane - 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy In Breed & RCC! Liza then won Working Puppy Group 3 under Mike Vincent. What a day! Thanks for all the lovely comments and PM’s and well done to all the other winners today. Judge Keith Nathans critique - PD Chappell's Selmalda Ricochet, 9 months Fawn, beautifully square, super arched neck, he is a good size for his age, his head is outstanding, similar width all the way through, good 50/50 skull and muzzle,flat skull, good cartilage ridge and super eye and expression. Correct in front angle, nice strong bone and tight feet, nicely balanced in rear with long second thigh, he has easy sound movement and think he is a very exciting youngster. Judge Keith Keith Nathan's critique YD 2. Chappell's Hoppingham’s Changes Selmalda (Imp Fin). Very handsome and well made Harlequin with a lovely head shape, balanced skull and muzzle, good eye and expression. Lovely arched neck into good well placed shoulder, and top line, correct rib shape and depth. Strong bone, all in all a really lovely dog who wouldn’t settle and messed about and that was a shame. Judge Keith Nathan’s critique - OD 2. Chappell & Williams Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W., another very exciting Male, loved his outline and top line, well boned, such a handsome head, with a well placed eye and good expression, deep lengthy rib, nice second thigh, very sound and stylish. RCC. Judge Keith Keith Nathan's critique - PB 1. Chappell’s Selmalda Liza Jane. Fawn, just right for size, beautifully balanced with such a good outline. She is quite outstanding in her head shape, eye and expression. Beautifully balanced and refined skull, muzzle matching length and width. She has the most correct top line and tail set and tail length, she is amazingly well put together and it shows on the move. She is just so precise front and rear, easy reach and drive, what an exciting puppy, she just filled my eye. Quality all through and great breed type. RCC and BPIB.

SWORDS Championship Dog Show


Lovely day today with Margot, Selmalda After All At Sundasac, winning her third Green Star and then winning third in the puppy stakes. Huge thanks to judge Alyson Small.

A super Three Counties AS


A super Three Counties AS for the Selmalda Team, both Friday and Sunday. Lesley and I are justifiably proud of their results and thank the judges involved - Janis King (Breed, pictured), Richard Kinsey (Group) and Tom Mather (Puppy Stakes). Selmalda Ricochet - 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and 2nd Eukanuba Pup Of The Year Stakes. Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda - 1st Yearling Dog Breeder - Anitta Kilpeläinen. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Dog - co-owned with Jacqui Williams. Selmalda Liza Jane (pictured) - 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Breed. Working Puppy Group 3. 1st Eukanuba Pup Of The Year Stakes and the Winner Overall (Hound/Working) on the day. Returning Sunday we were justifiably proud of Liza and her performance and thank all the ringside for the lovely comments about her. A super set of results and well done to all the other winners over the show. Puppy Stakes Judge Tom Mathers critique - Puppy Dog Stakes - 2nd: 3194 Chappell Mrs L & Mr A Selmalda Ricochet. Really handsome, masculine yet elegant youngster. Good head proportions with high set ears. Clean nicely arched neck. Well boned with decent feet. Firm topline with strong loin and pleasing hind angulation. Despite the cramped indoor ring he moved out well with some style. Puppy Stakes Judge Tom Mathers critique - Puppy Bitch Stakes - 1st: 3196 Chappell Mrs L & Mr A Selmalda Liza Jane. Litter sister to Ricochet and she has so many of his attributes. Elegant yet strong with a real look of dash and daring, grand head and expression, well boned with the most impressive feet. Has some strength in her topline and loin and her carriage and movement is impressive. Best Puppy Day 2.

Margot Green Star #2


At Cork & District Championship Show Fiona Barrett and Selmalda After All At Sundasac, co-owned with Lesley & Adam, won her 2nd GSB and BOB under Dionne Fitzsimmons. Margot is only 8 months of age!

Southern Counties CA


Lesley & I had a lovely day with our Selmalda Team at Southern Counties. Great results, lovely weather and lots of laughs. Selmalda Ricochet - 1st Minor Puppy Dog, 2nd Eukanuba Pup of the Year Stakes. Hoppingham’s Changes Selmalda - 1st Yearling Dog, breeder Anitta Kilpeläinen. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 2nd Open Dog & RCC, co-owned with Jacqui Williams. Selmalda Liza Jane - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy In Breed and Working Puppy Group 2. 4th Eukanuba Pup of the Year Stakes. Selmalda Shining Star - 1st Puppy Bitch, owners Leo & Suzanne Nas. Our thanks and appreciation to breed judge Jason Hoke, POTY judge Unto Timonen and group judge Howard Ogden. Working Puppy Group Judge Howard Ogdens critique - 2nd Chappells Great Dane Selmalda Liza Jane; rising 9m; essence of elegant femininity as well as exuding breed type and structure, long head of refinement and carried on a long, arched neck; beautifully balanced and angulated; well ribbed back; moved out so lithe and free with good, flat bone and cat like feet, maintaining a graceful outline, classy. Judge Jason Hokes critique - Puppy Dog 1st 3618 Ms.L & Mr A Chappells - Selmalda Ricochet. This charming youth had what the breed requests with its elegant tall stature while being perfectly balanced in proportion from the outline to the well chiseled head, never exhibiting exaggeration in any regard. Squared off well carrying a correct amount of bone this puppy has all the traits to mature into a classic Great Dane. Judge Jason Hokes critique - Yearling Dog 1st 3620 Ms. L. & Mr. A. Chappells - Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda. A dog whose is an example of carrying correct bone and substance without ever approaching coarseness, a difficult task to find balance in. Distinctive clean planes and stop to the skull carried on a well crested neck with good flow from the nape all the way through the body. Strong solid loin with a deep chest fully filled at the elbows. An easy mover possessing carriage and with grace. A dog strongly considered. Judge Jason Hokes critique - Open Dog 2nd, RCC - 3617 Mrs L. & Mr, A. & Miss J A Chappell & Williams - Ch. Selmalda The Journey JW. This dog was quite and impressive picture. Tall and upstanding. Beautifully masculine with a clean crisp outline. Far reaching neck flowing well. Excellent spring of rib with a solid forechest fleshed out well to the elbows. Boned well to carry the masculine frame yet without excessiveness. Stylistically different than the Ticket winner but his strengths are evident as he certainly denotes the Apollo of dogs. Only bested by the winner in small details in the head. Judge Jason Hokes critique - Minor Puppy Bitch 1st, BP- 3619 - Ms. L & Mr. A Chappell - Selmalda Liza Jane. An elegant bitch who was quite similar in type to her litter mate who won the Minor Puppy Class. Possessing a lovely head with proper planes, an excellent stop. Pleasing expression. She is all elegance with her graceful neck flowing well into a correct short coupled body. A very nice picture of balance in femininity without becoming too refined. Classic in type and style and went on to best her brother for Best Puppy. To see two littermates of such similar type speaks well for the consistency of a line.

Irish GDC EuDDC Weekend


Thanks to Patrick Fortune for capturing Fiona & Margot following their tremendous success at the EuDDC weekend shows. Here she is with Lourdes Carvajal (Bitch judge) and Eric Bailey after being awarded Green Star Bitch, BOB Fawn and eventually Best Puppy In Show at just 8 months of age. Lesley & I are very proud breeders and co-owners.

Scottish Kennel Club Success


An early start for Lesley and I as we set off for Edinburgh with our show team. Samantha Dolby was our appointed judge and we were delighted with the days results. Selmalda Ricochet - 1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Breed. Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda (pictured) - 1st Limit Dog and RCC. Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. - 3rd Open Dog. Selmalda Liza Jane - 2nd Puppy Bitch. Thanks to all the fellow exhibitors and spectators for their kind words about our Danes. So proud. Judge Samantha Dolbys critique - Puppy Dog 1st Chappells Selmalda Ricochet. Lovely Fawn puppy dog who already shows himself to advantage and looks very noble. Good length to head, typical expression with dark eye and mask. Straight front on this puppy with depth of chest, standing on tight feet. He still needs to fill all through but okay for age. Topline held and well tucked up. Moved out well around the ring. Well handled, Best Puppy. Judge Samantha Dolbys critique - Limit Dog 1st Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda. Harlequin with good markingswho has lots of character which made me smile, a real eye catcher. Superb expression, loved his head with correct eye and dentition. Enough depth of chest and spring of rib leading into correct tuck up and topline. Moved out well around the ring with correct rear angulation. Well handled. Pleased to award him RCC.

WELKS Championship Show


Joan Toohey was the appointed judge at WELKS and we opted to take the youngsters for a stroll. Selmalda Ricochet was 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog and his litter sister Selmalda Liza Jane won her Minor Puppy Bitch class. It was a great run out for them both as they ease into the show scene.

Happy 10th Birthday


Lesley & I wish a very Happy 10th Birthday to the Bono x Echo (Highesteem Keep Em Talking x Selmalda Echo J.W.) kids. Here is our very own Georgia in her favourite place, the kitchen, with Liza Jane photobombing in the background. Happy 10th Birthday 🎂 🎉🎁 Marco - Marian. Georgia Daisy - Judy & Stuart. And remembering those who are no longer with us - Elke - Fiona Geno Nova Spring - Judi & Bill Ralf - John, Heather & Candice.

WHAT A DEBUT - Scottish GDC Championship Show


Lesley & I had a long but rewarding day at the Scottish Great Dane Club Championship Show who put on a lovely show and whose committee worked hard for the exhibitors. Our special thanks to judges John Dyson (D) and Maria McGuinness (B) who appreciated our Danes. It was a huge day for our new puppies who were making their debut. Selmalda Ricochet - 1st Minor Puppy Dog (Am. Ch. Rojons Legendary Kiss Kiss V Svevo x Ch. S. ZiZi’s Journey J.W.) Hoppingham’s Changes Selmalda - 1st Yearling Dog & RCC (Fi. Ch. Ozaenas Supernova x Mi’Havana Independence) Selmalda Oh Boy At Thornbrae - 1st Special Veteran Dog (Int. Multi Ch. Europower Boy Toy x Selmalda In The Name Of Love) owners Jim Sneddon & Ronnie Lawton Selmalda Liza Jane (pictured) - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show (Am. Ch. Rojons Legendary Kiss Kiss V Svevo x Ch. S. ZiZi’s Journey J.W.) On the way home we were delighted to hear of litter sister Genie and her success in Italy with owner Salvatore. A wonderful day. Judge John Dyson critique - MPD, 1st Chappell’s Selmalda Ricochet, fawn, good body, pleasing head, well off for bone with good angles front and rear, showed well and moved with drive very promising youngster. 1st Chappell's Hoppinghams Changes Selmalda, Harlequin, well marked with pure white background, good proportions of head with great length of foreface and correct drop of lip. I do find many Harlequins lack elegance in the head department but this boy has it along with the required tight eye , strong bone, tight feet, moved out well with drive, handler had to work hard with him but when settled presents a very pleasing picture and a very promising future was pleased to award him the RCC. Judge Maria McGuinness critique - Minor Puppy B 5,1 ABS. 1ST L & A Chappell's, SELMALDA LIZA JANE (AI), 7 MONTH OLD FEMININE BITCH, RICH FAWN, LOVELY OUTLINE, NOT OVERDONE ANYWHERE, GOOD LENGTH OF FOREFACE WITH CORRECT BITE, NICE ARCHED NECK IN TO WELL LAID SHOULDERS, NICE TUCK, GOOD ANGULATION AND COVERED THE GROUND EASILY, I'M SURE SHE HAS A BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD, AWARDED HER BPB AND ON AGREEMENT WITH MY CO JUDGE SHE WAS AWARDED BPIS.

Great Dane Breeders & Owners Association Champions


Lesley, Jacqui & I are so proud of Ruger - Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. We felt very honored that in 2018, at the very first show scheduling the Champions Class (Great Dane Breeders & Owners Association), that he was the first Dane to win this class in the UK. A year later and not only did he win the Champions Class but was also awarded the DCC & RBIS under breed specialist Elaine M Hyde (Dorneywood), pictured. It was wonderful to see Olly, Selmalda Oh Boy At Thornbrae, win his first Veteran Class for owners Jim Sneddon & Ronnie Lawton - Olly looks great!

CRUFTS - Our Therapy Dane


So proud to have been part of the Therapy Dogs Nationwide team today at Crufts 2019 - presented by The Kennel Club UK. Rich couldn\'t have done anymore, superb behaviour and certainly a people magnet. All the dogs and volunteers did an exemplary job. Credit to handle Debbie who has worked tirelessly with Rich since being born.

Ruger goes BEST IN SHOW


At he Midland & West of England GDC Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W. went BIS. Co-owner Jacqui, Lesley & Adam would like to extend our thanks to Fawn judge Jim Sneddon and BIS judge Caroline Friend Rees for recognising his qualities and making this happen. This is the third time in the last four years that our Danes have won this award at this show! Judge Caroline Friend-Rees critique - Best in Show - Lesley & Adam Chappell and Miss J A Williams’ Ch Selmalda The Journey, Stunning male. Powerful and masculine yet still elegant. He commands your attention as he enters ring.So well made with excellent front and rear angulation, deep chest down to tight elbows and straight forelegs. Firm topline and strong hindquarters giving a totally balanced outline. Moving with ground covering free easy movement and powering from the rear. A pleasure to award him Best in Show.

Rich the Therapy Dane


Our Clever Rich doing her Therapy work visiting Meadow View Dementia Care Home. One of the residents couldn\'t thank me enough, he said he had seen the dogs on the telly and now he has met one for real. He thanked me for the work we do. Therapy Dogs Nationwide

Merry Christmas from all at Selmalda.


Lesley, Adam and all the Danes at Selmalda wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2019.

Ladies Kennel Association


The final show of the campaign and we were delighted when Ruger won 2nd in Open Dog and the RCC. Here is judge, Angela Challenger, critique... CHAPPELL, Mrs L & Mr A & WILLIAMS Miss J A, Ch Selmalda The Journey JW, Fawn, a boy I judged as a puppy on my last appointment, my has he blossomed into a lovely male, I can see why he has done so much winning, a strong lad that is ex overall, a head that is in balance with his frame, well made fore and aft with ex depth of brisket, well sprung ribcage, strong loin with powerful hindquarters, moved with a free and ground covering stride, RCC.

Richmond CS - Group Critique


Group Judge Kari Jarvinen's critique - Working Group - Once again my pleasure to judge at this traditional, well organised show. Thank you. Loved them both...super job. As the Best of Breed Working dogs ran into the big ring, it was the large powerful males that impressed. Driving across the ring with majesty and dignity and once more making me aware that the best of British dogs could win anywhere in the world. 1. Chappell & Williams Ch. Selmalda The Journey J.W.. The handsome Great Dane of correct proportions. So big and strong yet no trace of coarseness, he is well coupled with great bone, tight feet, super body and condition. He presented to me a marvelous outline and gave smooth fluid movement that earned him the highest award today.