Selmalda News

Scottish GDC


Janet Barkas had travelled all the way over from New Zealand to judge both sexes. Ralf was second in his final Yearling class and Rocco claimed the same award in his Open class before claiming his NINTH RCC! Georgia was third in her Yearling class, Ola was third in Limit and Spring won the Special Open Brindle class. The Selmalda team won the Breeders class.

South Western GDC


We only had males at the SW where Finnish Specialist Auli Vitikainen of Dogiwogin fame judged. She awarded a 2nd in Yearling to Ralf, aka Selmalda Im Yours JW WJW10, and beaten by the eventual CC winner. Selmalda I Am Rock JW topped the Open class and the Selmalda team won the Breeders class.

Great Dane Breeders & Owners Association


In our opinion the star of the show was Ralf, aka WJW10 Selmalda Im Yours JW. This dog is maturing exactly how we anticipated and today he topped two strong classes, his Yearling class under Debbie Butcher and the Open Dog class under Helen Seddon in the Nellie Ennals Special Awards Event. Ralf was also shortlisted down to the last five Danes for the CC! Selmalda I Am Rock JW won his eighth RCC and Lola, Ch. Selmalda She Looks To Me Through Samdice JW, won the Special Open Fawn class. Collectively the trio won the Breeders class. Thanks to all owners who condition and present our Danes so professionally. We are delighted with the two Rocco litters for Lomondane and Arondyke who are doing so well for their respective owners, today they won Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Bitch, naturally Best Puppy In Show!

New Star For The Corrie Cobbles (Our Dogs)


For many years, Corrie star Chesneys pet dog has been a Great Dane called Schmeichel. Over the years, different dogs have played the part, and now new Great Dane is set to dazzle the set, none other than John, Heather and Candice Dysons Ch Selmalda She Looks To Me Through Samdice JW. Lola has already been to a few sets of filming for Britains top soap, and one of her first scenes was to accept a piece of butter on toast from Chesney at the breakfast table. Owner John told Our Dogs: Although Lola doesnt take food from the table at home this was something she rather enjoyed albeit it took five takes to allow the actors to get their lines right! She enjoyed her five pieces of toast! The actor Sean Tully, real name Antony Cotton, rather fell in love with Lola onset! Lola is so calm and loves all the attention and we are delighted that she has been chosen to step in at Coronation Street whilst a new dog is currently in training. Born in July 2006 and bred by Lesley and Adam Chappell, Lola has won three CCs, five RCCs and Top 12 Super League Winner overall in 2008 under Mike Gadsby.



We were delighted that Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW won her Limit class and claimed the RCC from leading all rounder Robin Searle. What a day!



After finishing the 2010 Breeders Competition on 63 points, Top in the Working Group and THIRD OVERALL ALL BREEDS, we were duly invited to compete in the Final at Crufts. One of thirty breeds taking part we were judged by the German Christopher Habig but unfortunately not placed. Here we all are pre-judging!

Northern GDC Championship Show


The first Championship Show of the campaign and Selmalda I Am Rock JW wins the Open Dog class, his first CC and BISS! WJW10 Selmalda Im Yours JW won his Yearling class, Selmalda Stay Free For Teeseedane was second in Limit. In bitches Selmalda In Tne Name Of Love topped her Yearling class, Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW was second in Limit and Ch. Selmalda She Looks To Me Through Samdice JW was second in Special Open Fawn. The Team won the Breeders Class!

Boston & DCS


After the Christmas and New Year festivities we looked forward to getting the first show under our belt. We had success in the AVNSC classes last year with our Danes and this year, for the first time, the society had scheduled specific breed classes and a breed judge, Charles Brooks. Selmlada I Am Rock J.W. did not like the Astroturf surface and was third in his first Open dog class, Selmalda Glory Days was second in Post Graduate and Selmalda Rock Ola Baby J.W. topped Open Bitch, won Best Bitch and BOS! Great start to 2011 for Ola Baby!

2010 Year End


Unfortunately due to the awful snow and ice we encountered here at Stankirk in the run in to Christmas we missed the last few shows and the opportunity to wish all our friends a Happy Christmas! However we were absolutel delighted when we heard confirmation back from The Kennel Club that the SELMALDA TEAM had finished third all breeds, Top Working Group, for The Kennel Clubs Breeder Competition! Our sincere thanks and gratitude to the owners of our Danes who have loved, conditioned and presented them all so impeccably. Nigel & Dawn Marriner with Ares, Judy & Stuart Thurlby with Daisy, Tina & Richard Teese with Dan, Judi & Bill Cottam with Spring and of course John, Heather & Candice with Lola and Ralf. Along with our own Rocco, Ola and Georgia we are so proud of you all.

2011 Dog World Annual


Another great piece of work!

2011 Our Dogs Annual


We were delighted with our advert in this years Annual! I think you will agree?

Euro Dog Show (Kortrijk, Belgium)


A truly wonderful weekend we had in Belgium! Paul Lawless (IE) judged the breed and awarded Selmalda Im Yours JWW10 JW, co-owned with John, Heather and Candice, his Intermediate class whilst Selmalda I Am Rock JW Eu-09 topped his Open dog class. Both in the challenge we were delighted when Rocco was awarded both the CAC and CACIB and Ralf the RCAC & RCACIB! With the girls our Brindle girl, Selmalda Glory Days, co-owned with Judi Cottam, topped her Intermediate class and likewise Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW won her Open class. Ola was awarded the RCAC & RCACIB in the challenge. Rocco was declared BOB and in the BIG ring, under Dutch judge Peter van Montfoort, Rocco made the shortlist to the final eleven! Another amazing experience on tour again!

SWGDC Top 12


The culmination of the years campaign and delighted with the kennels achievements. Selmalda Im Yours JW JWW10 ended as overall Top Premier League (Points) with his siblings Selmalda Dream Baby Dream At Justinian and Selmalda In The Name Of Love qualifying for the Premier League bitches. In The Super League both Selmalda I Am Rock JW, who was awarded the trophy for the dog with the most points but not a Champion, and Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW along with Ch. Selmalda She Looks To Me Through Samdice JW. So with SIX Danes qualified we were pleased when Rocco was awarded third in the Final and Lola second, who also finished the year as Top Fawn! Many thanks to all the wonderful friends we have who condition and present them so well!

Midland Counties C.S.


A super entry awaited US Pro Handler Judy Harrington. Selmalda Im Yours JW JWW10 only managed third after stepping up from Junior to Yearling whilst Selmalda I Am Rock JW notched up his ninth Limit win (dont worry guys he was already entered here prior to his seventh!). In bitches Selmalda Dream Baby Dream At Justinian, suffering from an awful phantom, was unplaced in Yearling, Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW was second in Limit and Ch. Selmalda She Looks To Me Though Samdice JW was also unplaced in Open - I guess our bitches were too much for her! The team of Rocco, Lola, Ola and Ralf won the Breeders class and then went on to win Working Breeders Group 1 from Peter Jolley!

Junior Warrant


We were delighted when we heard back from The Kennel Club to advise that Selmalda Im Yours, co-owned with the Dysons, has achieved his JUNIOR WARRANT! Go Ralf!

Dane of the Year


As usual two breed judges for this prestigious show with Sue Bishton (D) and Rae Russell. Rae awarded Selmalda Glory Days, Spring, 1st in her Yearling class and Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW 2nd in Limit. Top Fawn for the year is Ch. Selmalda She Looks To Me Through Samdice JW who today topped her Special Open Fawn class. JWW10 Selmalda Im Yours was 2nd in Junior, Selmalda I Am Rock JW won his Limit class and we delighted in the challenge when Rae presented Spring with Reserve Best Bitch! This really is her show as last year, on her debut, she went BPIS!



What a wonderful day in South Wales! Susan Cottrell was our judge and she awarded our Junior World Winner, Selmalda Im Yours (Dyson), today handled by co-owner Candice, 1st place in a good Junior class. Selmalda I Am Rock JW topped, yet another, Limit dog class and won his 7th RCC! In bitches Selmalda Dream Baby Dream At Justinian (Thurlby) was 2nd in Junior, Selmalda Glory Days topped Yearling and Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW was 3rd in Limit. What a result today for Spring who also claimed the RCC for joint owners Judi and Bill Cottam. The Selmalda Fawns won the Breeders class and later Rocco, Lola, Ola and Ralf won Working Breeders Group 1 under Peter Radley.

East of England Great Dane Club


The weather was absolutely appalling today - rain, rain, rain! Thank goodness we were indoors! Pat Patch judged the males and Selmalda Im Yours JWW10 only made third place in his Junior class. Selmalda I Am Rock JW claimed top spot in his Limit class and maintains his excellent form. Judy Thurlby with Selmalda Dream Baby Dream At Justinian was placed fourth in Junior bitch and the Dysons with Ch. Selmalda She Looks To Me Through Samdice JW were second in Open and won their Open Fawn class, Marion Hipkin judged the bitches. The Selmalda team, consisting of Rocco, Lola, Ralf and Daisy won the Breeders class and we extend our thanks to Judy, Heather and John for staying on.

Driffield A.S.


It was a glorious day at Wetherby Racecourse where breed judge Rosemary Lord had a very good entry. It got off to a great start when the Junior World Winner 10 Selmalda Im Yours topped a class of 9, well done to the Dysons - John you present him so well. Selmalda I Am Rock JW claimed top spot in a Limit class of 13 and maintained his winning form. Selmalda Glory Days, owned jointly with Judi Cottam, was second in Junior and Judy & Stuart Thurlby were third with Selmalda Dream Baby Dream At Justinian. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW won the RCC and the team of Ola, Rocco, Lola and Ralf won the Breeders class and also number one spot in the Working Breeders Group, judged by Kevin Young - thanks to both judges for a great day!



We had Frank Wildman judging our breed for the first time at Richmond and he duly found our own Selmalda I Am Rock JW who topped the largest class of the day, Limit. His full sister Ola, Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW, also won her Limit class and in the challenge was awarded the RCC! Another successful day!