Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy

Lesley & Adam Chappell


Littermates Guy and Lori were born in lockdown. Lesley and I could barely contain our excitement with these two youngsters who excited us greatly. So when June 2021 saw the return of the show scene we were delighted that they both took to the ring as if they had been there and done that all before. Guys record is impeccable and has achieved so much throughout the year culminating in his Top Great Dane award. He is a proven sire (very efficient), has frozen semen stored and we are very excited for the year ahead. He is a delight.


  • 10/04/2020
  • Hip Score - L5:R4 Elbows 0:0 IMGD Clear
  • 17 CC, 14 BOB 9 RCC
  • 5* WORKING Group 2 2* Group 3


  • 06-08-2022 - GDBOA 1st Open Dog, DCC and BOS Helen Laidlaw
  • 05-08-2022 - Paignton 1st Open Dog, DCC and BOB Jean Pratt
  • 22-07-2022 - Leeds CDS WORKING Group 2 Richard Kinsey
  • 22-07-2022 - Leeds CDS 1st Open Dog, DCC and BOB Sigurd Wilberg
  • 08-07-2022 - E of E Show 1st Open Dog, CC and BOB Lee Cox
  • 08-07-2022 - E of E Show WORKING Group 2 Bill Browne-Cole
  • 08-07-2022 - EEGDC 1st Open Dog, CC and BIS Angela Challenger
  • 02-07-2022 - Windsor CDS 1st Open Dog, DCC and BOB Leah Connolly
  • 26-06-2022 - NGDC 1st Open Dog, RCC and RBIS Sheila Richens
  • 18-06-2022 - Scottish GDC 1st Open Dog, CC and BIS Sally Lewis
  • 18-06-2022 - Border Union AS 2nd Open Dog and RCC Judy Thurlby
  • 05-06-2022 - Southern Counties WORKING Group 3 Espen Engh
  • 05-06-2022 - Southern Counties 1st Open Dog, CC and BOB Steve Atkinson.
  • 05-06-2022 - Southern Counties Eukanuba Champion Stakes Day 4 Winner and Runner Up Overall Kimmo Mustonen
  • 29-05-2022 - Bath CS 1st Open Dog, CC and BOB Mark Cocozza
  • 29-05-2022 - SWGDC 2nd Open and RCC Carol Gray
  • 16-04-2022 - GDC Of Wales 1st Open Dog, CC and BIS Maria McGuiness
  • 31-12-2021 - TOP GREAT DANE 2021
  • 12-12-2021 - LKA 1st Open Dog, DCC and BOB Kevin Young. WORKING Group 2 Stuart Mallard
  • 24-10-2021 - Belfast DSS 2nd Open Dog and RCC Keith Baldwin
  • 05-10-2021 - Border Union AS 1st Junior Dog and RCC Ken Humphries
  • 03-10-2021 - EEGDC 1st Junior Dog and RCC Jan Al-Kudsi
  • 17-09-2021 - Darlington DSS 1st Junior Dog and RCC Ann Ingram
  • 17-09-2021 - Darlington DSS Winner of Eukanuba RCC/BOS Winners Dog (Working) Mark James
  • 26-08-2021 - Driffield CDSS 1st Junior Dog, CC and BOB Hilary Baker
  • 26-08-2021 - Driffield CDSS WORKING Group 2 Francis Kaye
  • 22-08-2021 - Blackpool CDS 1st Junior and RCC, Best Junior Gary Hooker
  • 22-08-2021 - Blackpool CDS Junior GROUP 1 Graham Hill and BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW Liz Stannard
  • 09-08-2021 - Paignton DFA CC and BOB Marion Sargent
  • 09-08-2021 - Paignton DFA WORKING Group 3 Ernie Paterson
  • 08-08-2021 - The Great Dane Club CC and RBIS BOS Ric Beall
  • 03-08-2021 - Bath CS 1st Junior Dog, CC and BOB Andrea Lowood-Price
  • 03-08-2021 - Bath CS WORKING Group 2 Caroline Friend-Rees
  • 03-08-2021 - SWGDC 1st Junior Dog and CC RBIS BOS Rosemary Lord
  • 17-07-2021 - MWEGDC 1st Junior Dog and RCC Gillian Rose
  • 11-07-2021 - E of E Show 1st Junior Dog, DCC and BOB Jeff Horswell



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