Ch. Selmalda Fabian A Cheuxfaun

Steve & Karen Jones


The perfect gentleman! This stylish male has a classic headpiece with strength and depth throughout. His super shoulders and strong back allowed this dog to move all day! He was handled by Adam to a total of four CCs and three RCCs and was twice second in the SWGDCs Top 12 Super League.


  • 04/07/1995
  • 4 CC's 3 RCC's


  • 14-09-1996 - CC Darlington DS Jeff Horswell
  • 23-03-1996 - RCC Scottish GDC Laurence Morgan-Evans
  • 25-11-1995 - CC GDC of South Wales Sven Ekloff
  • 26-10-1995 - CC Midland Counties CS David Samuel
  • 30-09-1995 - RCC Belfast Claire Coxall
  • 26-08-1995 - CC SKC Borghild Moen
  • 11-08-1995 - RCC Bournemouth CS Jeff Horswell



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