Selmalda Too Funky
Kim & Maibritt Nielson

  • DOB 17/04/09


I think it is fair to say that when Maibritt came to visit Stankirk from Denmark, along with Bono's owner Winnie Mertz, that she immediately fell in love with Nova and vice versa! A unique partnership from day one she travelled by car back to Denmark and we have seen, as the photo's highlight, regular updates on her progress. Nova is, as the pictures highlight, stunning and presented perfectly by Maibritt when they enter the ring. You can see how well this girl grown up, throughout all stages and ages so far she is so well balanced and a stunning outline, one that could be used as silouhette for the breed standard! We were delighted to meet up with her again when we returned to Denmark in June 2010 for the World Dog Show and it was an honour for Adam to be able to handle her in her Junior class! Our gratitude is extended to the Nielson family who have raised, conditioned and presented Nova exactly the same way as we would have done ourselves.


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 1  Multi Int. Ch. Edendanes Henry Higgins  Int. Ch. Diplomatics Val Kilmer
 Int. Ch. Edendanes Miss Moneypenny
 Int. Ch. Highesteem Cute With An Attitude  Elvis Presley
 N. UCh. Rockingdanes Northern Exposure
 Selmalda Cmon Girl JW  Ch. Selmalda Romeo JW  Lucerne Daddy Cool JW
 Selmalda Believe In Me
 Ch. Selmalda Me And My Shadow JW  Ch. Vanmore Diplomat
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