Ch. Walkmyll Flare Of Selmalda JW
Lesley & Adam Chappell

  • DOB 30/07/87

  • 4 CC's & 2 RCC's


Bred by the late Mrs Freda Lewis Flare turned out to be the only Champion bitch ever outside of the World famous Walkmyll kennel. This super headed bitch combined strength with elegance and excelled in movement. Albeit a slow starter in the ringit did not take long before she was winning the hearts of many and the same day she achieved her Junior Warrant she did know more than take BEST IN SHOW all breeds. Her first CC and Best of Breed came at two years of age from breed specialist Matti Pakarinen, quickly followed by her second from Mickey Ramsay (Breed) and her third and qualifying C.C. from Bob Otto (Breed). She gained two R.C.C.'s from Anne Adamson (Breed) and Jim Newsham (All rounder) before taking her fourth C.C. from Leslie Page (All rounder). Mated to Walkmyll Dexter of Danelder, she produced Champion Selmalda Fabian A Cheuxfaun and our own Selmalda Fame who went on to produce further Champion stock for us.


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