Selmalda News

Southern Counties CA


It rained all day at Southern Counties. Well respected breeder and judge Ole Staunskjaer was over from Denmark officiating and he awarded his DCC to Chappell & Dysons Selmalda Im Yours JW WJW10, his first, from Limit. Selmalda Dream Baby Dream At Justinian also won Limit bitch for owners Stuart and Judy Thurlby. It rained all day but this did not dampen our spirits. Excellent.

Bath C.S.


A lovely sunny day for Bath where Jacqui Williams was officiating for the first time. Delighted when the Dysons Selmalda Im Yours JW WJW10 topped a great Limit class and smiling even more when Ch. Selmalda I Am Rock JW topped Open. Rocco was awarded his fourth CC and eventually BOB. Into the Working Group where Clare Coxall judged and following a short list into the last six Rocco powered home to claim third spot. What a day to remember.

Scottish Kennel Club


It was absolutely wonderful that Rocco won his third and qualifing CC for his Champion crown. With 10 RCCs under his belt he has been knocking on the door for sometime. Chuffed to bits!

Crufts 2012 The Breeders Final


Delighted to receive a letter from The The Kennel Club advising that the Selmalda Team had qualified for the Breeders Final at Crufts on Friday 9th March. Despite not attending many shows towards the latter part of 2011 the Team secured a total of points and our sincere thanks to the owners who have supported us during the campaign including Heather, John & Candice Dyson and Judi Cottam.

Mouscron International Belgium


We enjoyed a wonderful day in Mouscron where Mr. G. Christensen judged the breed. Selmalda I Am Rock JW and Selmalda Im Yours JW WJW10 were 1st & 2nd respectively in the Open class and Rocco went on to claim the CAC & CACIB. Ch. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW topped her Champions class and then also won the CAC & CACIB. Selmalda In The Name Of Love won the Open class and the CAC & RCACIB and Ralfs two new kids were BPD and BPB with Rae, Samdice Written In The Stars, winning the Puppy Group overall for her owner/breeders John, Heather & Candice Dyson. What a day and here are our trophies!

The Kennel Clubs Accolade of Excellence


Here at Selmalda we were delighted to be awarded The Kennel Clubs Assurred Breeder Schemes Accolade of Excellence. This award is nominated by a Breed Club and approved by the General Committee of the KC for breeders with a record of outstanding achievement and is the highest honour within the scheme.

After 24 hours of labour Georgia, aka Selmalda In


After 24 hours of labour Georgia, aka Selmalda In The Name Of Love, gave birth to her first Brindle puppy girl at 05.30am and had concluded by midday. In all she had seven which included 4 Brindle girls, 1 Fawm girl and 2 Brindle boys. An excellent Mother, Georgia and babies are doing splendidly and you can see by the photo that she loves them dearly. Sleepless nights here for a few weeks as we give them 24 hour attention.

Brussels Dog Show, Belgium


Back to Belgium and space would only allow both Selmalda Im Yours JW WJW10 and Ch. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW to travel. John and Ralf won their Open class but he didnt like the judges arm sling so did not progress further! Ola won her Champions class, was Graded Excellent and won the CAC & RCACIB under the Dutch judge Peter Van Montfoort.

2012 Our Dogs Annual


We thought this two page spread ticked all the boxes in the Annual. Hope you liked it too.

2012 Dog World Annual


We were delighted with the single page advert in the Dog World Annual, hope you like it!



Ken Toohey judged the males and awarded 1st in Minor Puppy to Samdice Get Ready from an entry of 19! His sire, Selmalda Im Yours JW, then went on to top a Limit class of 12. In bitches Mike Bousfield made a return and awarded Selmalda In The Name Of Love 4th in Limit with Ch. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW claiming 2nd in Open. The Selmlada Team went on to claim the Breeders class.

Euro Dog Show (Kortrijk, Belgium)


Another trip through the Tunnel along with the Dysons and our Selmalda Im Yours JW WJW10. He topped his Open class under leading Terrier judge Grethe Bergendahl from Norway and then went onto claim the CAC & CACIB. Our own Selmalda In The Name Of Love, Brindle, won the Open class and the RCAC with Ch. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW winning her Champions class, the CAC, CACIB & BOB!

Richmond DS


Breed Specialist Matti Pakarinen was the judge and awarded Selmalda I Am Rock JW 2nd place in Open Dog, Selmalda In The Name Of Love was 4th in Limit with Ch Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW was 2nd in Open Bitch. The trio combined won the Breeders class.

Welsh Kennel Club


Michael Quinney judged the breed and awarded Selmalda I Am Rock JW his TENTH RCC after topping Open Dog. Selmalda Dream Baby Dream At Justinian won Post Graduate bitch for owners Judy and Stuart Thurlby and the Selmalda Team, comprising of Rocco, Ola, Ralf and Georgia, won the Breeders class.

The Great Dane Club


Rosemary Steiner (D) and Candice Dyson (B) judged at this lovely show where Judy and Stuart Thurlbys Fawn topped the Post Graduate class.

Pennine GDC


At this wonderful Club show well respected Hound Specialist Dagmar Kenis-Pordham and first timer Dave Hindle awarded Top Honours in the Breeders Class to the Selmalda Team of four, consisting of the Fawn males Rocco and Ralf, Fawn Bitch Ola and Brindle Bitch Georgia.

National Working And Pastoral Breeds


The Selmalda Team trio of Rocco, Ralf and Ola won the Breeders class from judge Trevor Jones.

East of England AS


We were delighted with our days achievements under Clive Lunt at Peterborough. Selmalda Im Youes JW WJW10 topped his Limit class whilst Selmalda I Am Rock JW and Selmalda Stay Free For Teeseedane were second and third respectively in Open dog. In bitches Selmalda Glory Days won Post Graduate, Selmalda In The Name Of Love won Limit and Ch. Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW won Open! The Selmalda Team of Spring, Ralf and Rocco won the Breeders Class.

Blackpool CS


A scorching hot day at Blackppol where leading all rounder Meg Purnell-Carpenter judged the breed for the first time. The judge obviously didnt appreciate our Junior World Winner Ralf who was fifth in Limit however things improved as Rocco picked up second in Open. In the bitches Spring was fourth and Georgia was not placed! The star of the day was Ola who topped Open and then her third and Champion qualifying CC. The Selmalda Team won the Breeders class and then topped the Breeders Group under Gordon Rual. The real gem, CHAMPION Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW!

Border Union


Up in Scotland at Border Union Selmalda I Am Rock JW tops the strong Open dog class and is awarded his 2nd CC. A great achievement as his son wins the RCC. In the bitches our Brindle girl Selmalda Glory Days wins a huge Post Graduate class and Selmalda Rock Ola Baby JW was 2nd in Open. A great day all round and many thanks to judge Tegwyn Jones.